How to set up a Podcast in WordPress and iTunes

Podcasting is HUGE now with iPods, iPhones, Blackberry’s and other devices all being able to play podcasts.  Not only do huge companies podcast but so do smaller organizations and groups use this form of communication to inform, teach, and share with the world.

Would you like to learn how to podcast using WordPress?  I’ve created a mini course with 9 high quality videos of almost 50 minutes of detailed training that show you how to set up an audio AND video video podcast in WordPress.  I’ll show you every step of the way of how to podcast with WordPress and iTunes.  I’ve used these strategies with my 2 audio podcasts and 1 video podcast.  All 9 videos can be played on a Windows or Mac computer.

Here are some things you’ll learn in these videos:

1.   How to install the right plugin(s) in WordPress for your podcasts.
2.  What services podcasters use to host their files so their website doesn’t get shut down.
3.  Artwork for your podcast and what iTunes requires.
4.  Explaining what a “feed” is and how to set up your feed for your podcast.
5.  Setting up iTunes and submitting your audio podcast.
6.  Setting up a free hosting service for your video podcast
7.  Detailed instructions on setting up your feed for your video podcast.
8.  Setting up iTunes and submitting your video podcast.
9.   iTunes approval and adding clickable links to WordPress.

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