How to set up a Podcast in WordPress and iTunes

Podcasting is HUGE now with iPods, iPhones, Blackberry’s and other devices all being able to play podcasts.  Not only do huge companies podcast but so do smaller organizations and groups use this form of communication to inform, teach, and share with the world.

Would you like to learn how to podcast using WordPress?  I’ve created a mini course with 9 high quality videos of almost 50 minutes of detailed training that show you how to set up an audio AND video video podcast in WordPress.  I’ll show you every step of the way of how to podcast with WordPress and iTunes.  I’ve used these strategies with my 2 audio podcasts and 1 video podcast.  All 9 videos can be played on a Windows or Mac computer.

Here are some things you’ll learn in these videos:

1.   How to install the right plugin(s) in WordPress for your podcasts.
2.  What services podcasters use to host their files so their website doesn’t get shut down.
3.  Artwork for your podcast and what iTunes requires.
4.  Explaining what a “feed” is and how to set up your feed for your podcast.
5.  Setting up iTunes and submitting your audio podcast.
6.  Setting up a free hosting service for your video podcast
7.  Detailed instructions on setting up your feed for your video podcast.
8.  Setting up iTunes and submitting your video podcast.
9.   iTunes approval and adding clickable links to WordPress.

Learn How to Build a WordPress Website

Are you in the wedding business that depends on getting leads, referrals and business from your website?  Or, maybe you’d like a website that you own and can make changes whenever you want without having to pay someone and wait for all the changes to be made?  Well, you can take control of your website with the help of this training course.  With 35 high quality video lessons of nearly 3 hours of video training, you’ll be able to create your own website and customize it! Once you purchase this product you’ll be e-mailed a link to download all of these high quality videos directly to your computer, so you can watch them anywhere at anytime.

These videos are also great for anyone who works in the wedding industry.  You’ll be able to create your own website and customize it the way YOU want.  I’ll even show you how to easily change the design of your website in a few simple clicks.

This course is good for someone that wants detailed steps of building a website from start to finish (in easy to understand videos).

Here are a few things that you’ll learn..

The Basics of WordPress:

  • Getting started pdf that highlights all the first steps (newly added!)
  • 3 web research tools that make it easy to search, find and create memorable website names
  • How to buy and set up your domain name (website name)
  • Use my system to set up your e-mail address and how to create multiple e-mail addresses for yourself or others
  • Installing WordPress and configuring it
  • The best plugin you need to get rid of spam
  • WordPress theme overview: TwentyEleven Theme
  • How to add photos and videos to your website
  • How to install and configure WordPress themes
  • What plugins you need to get make your site look great…and what a plugin does

WordPress in Depth:

  • How to use FTP and why it’s vital to your website
  • What are permalinks and how to set them up the right way
  • How to use social media on your website to maximize its potential
  • Learn basic HTML and how you can make it work for you
  • Customizing WordPress for your Wedding Business Website:
  • How to add a flexible but powerful theme which will fit all your needs
  • How to customize and safely modify the theme to fit any of your  preferences
  • Creating a high quality image gallery
  • Changing the footer (what it is and how to make it your own)
  • Going live. What you need to know before you publish your site to the world!

How is this different from my other website instructional courses?

These training videos were designed and recorded specifically for those in the wedding industry.  Since I own a web media company (web design and video production), I’ve filmed countless weddings and have worked with some great wedding vendors too…so I know their needs quite well. These videos will help you create a website so you can showcase your business, attract more visitors to your site and book more weddings, which means more money for you!

Everything on this site will be explained in this video training. You don’t have to use this layout but after this video training, you’ll be able to customize your own website with colors, themes, and more! Begin downloading these high quality videos and watch them anywhere, at any time.